Createch is renowned for fabrication of stainless steel wire cloth filter components and cylinder filter elements. Focusing on pleated candle filter, discs and much more.

Candle Filters For Polymer Melt Filtration
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filters
Horizon trade
Canlde filters fabricated in Createch are made with precision filter media of woven wire cloth or sintered fiber web offering excellent filtration ratings.

Pleated filtration elements can be made with imported sintered fiber web or stainless steel wire cloth as filter media. .

We can custom design and make wire cloth stripes, pieces, screens, leaf packs, strainers and other fabricated parts.
Made of sintered wire mesh laminates, this kind of filter element is comparatively simple in processing compared with pleated filter elements.

Replacement Air Filter Elements
Designed to increase horsepower and acceleration, pleated air filters allow high air flow with excellent filtration. Replacement air filter elements can easily and simply replace existing air filter and can serve for a long performance time.
Hydraulic Filter Elements
Made from single-layer or multi-layer woven wire mesh or sintered wire mesh, hydraulic filter elements have different layer numbers of wire mesh and different mesh counts depending on the work and application conditions.

Createch has clients worldwide buying its quality filter elements processed basically from wire mesh and perforated metal. Many of them are at the forefront in their industries offering solid and liquid filtration system. Our goal is always to provide solutions of the highest possible quality to air filter system, hydraulic filter system, gas filter system, oil filter system , water treatment system and powder filter system.

We operate as a true partnership that creates a strong team-spirit, encourages cooperation and stimulates the innovation of the technology. We assume joint responsibility for firm development and adapting it to the challenges of the industry. By sharing both the responsibility and the rewards, we are in a position to give every client the full benefit of the firm's collective professional experience and expertise in filtration solution.