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Spiral Welded Perforated Support Tube

Perforated metal can be used in producing of support tubes for pleated filter elements. Welded perforated tubes have the unsurpassed flatness of screen surfaces and roundness which are the key to optimal performance of the wedge wire filter elements. They will help extend lifetime of thesupported filters. The flexibility in design and production techniques enables us to produce a state-of-the-art product covering your specific needs.The support profiles are rods in the axial direction of the tube. The surface profiles are spirally wound around the support profiles.

Basic Information:
Welded spiral pipes are resistant to extreme pressure and temperature variances as well as corrosion due to their inherent high mechanical stability, and the variety of stainless steel and exotic alloys that can be applied in the production of a tailor-made filtration product. They are an excellent alternative to the traditional perforated metal screen and woven wire filter products.

We also offer rigid metal mesh Support Tubes with the construction similar to that of slot tubes. It is used as carrier for another filter media. Support elements are mainly made with stainless steel or galvanized round wires.

Spiral welded perforated tube is widely used in many fields, where the filter layer needs supporting and protection.Our factory provides a variety of types for customs.

It is produced using helically forming and automatically welded continuous strip of stainless steel or mild steel. This method of production based on high precision and quality of welding allows manufacturing tube of exacting diameters in a practically unlimited variable range of sizes.

Mostly perforated metal tubes have round openings. And micron opening stainless steel perforated metal can also be used in filtration.

Meantime we offer special stainless steel perforated plate for filter beds in water treatment and related technologies. Any design of perforated plate is possible and can be delivered to site within workable lead times.

Sheet length and thickness: we can offer various products according to customer's requirements.

Welded Spiral Pipes Perforated Tube